Thursday, June 17, 2010

To Montserrat and Back Again

Hello world! I'm back from my inaugural trip to both the East Coast AND the 4th Annual Encaustic Conference at Montserrat College of Art. And what a wonderful trip it was!

I had three days filled with conference fun such as demos, talks, meeting other amazing artists, seeing their work...and did I mention buying art supplies in the vendors' rooms? Oh my. It's a miracle that my bank didn't drag me out of those rooms before I could do more damage. But, really, how is a girl supposed to say no to all that color?

I will admit that I do have a short limit of the amount of gallery mingling I can I went on a little "walkabout" during one of the openings...and I stumbled upon some students' studio spaces on campus. Which is where I snapped the above photo with the quote from Degas. It was a beautiful studio space with an equally striking quote. I love it when we stumble upon just what we need to hear.

Here is my newest work, and one included in the conference's "Best Foot Forward" exhibit. If I was going to show all of the other attendees something that was "me" it better have a bit of green in it!

I will share other photos from the conference as I try to get this blog up and running again. Oh, and to the lovely woman (I am SO VERY bad at remember names) who came up to me (while I was trying not to buy MORE paint from R&F) and who told me she reads my blog and how much she enjoyed it....thank you! You rocked my world and I promise I'll try sneak away from the dreaded Facebook enough to actually put posts on my blog more often!

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Patti said...

Hi Amy:
It's Patti here....I so enjoyed meeting you at the conference...I will continue to follow your blog and watch for new work with all those paints you bought! It was my 1st conference too, and I am still reeling from all the great techniques I learned and the wonderful artists I met!
In wax,Patti