Saturday, October 09, 2010


I forgot how much I love the sound of rain. The meditative drumming of droplets on roofs and concrete. The wet slick ground becoming saturated and soft. The rivers of fresh water running to circle and dance with fallen leaves before it falls deep under the city. I forgot that fresh clean cold smell. The damp. It fills my lungs as I sit wrapped up on the porch smoking another cigarette, which I know I don't need.

I forgot how much I need the sound of rain; like the calm voice of a lover long gone. The damp song seeps into my skin and bones and reminds me that so much of me is water. I want to lay out in it and become lost in it, drown.


prism said...


helen said...

I like the rain too---our grass is green again and everything is so fresh!

The-Silent-Observer said...

pure beauty