Saturday, January 29, 2011

For the love of curves

I know what you must be thinking (all 3 of you out in cyberspace that may actually read this)....where have I been? Well, I'm back now and finally creating some new work that blends my current work in encaustic and my old love of the nude female form.

Back in my art school days, I would obsessively attend any live model drawing class I could for the chance to capture the human figure on paper. I admit that I am a complete romantic fool for the human body; each curve and line holds a unique beauty that only the person owning that body can possess. There is so much beauty in the human body, but we have been conditioned to only see our flaws and imperfections that we omit all the amazing sensuality we carry around in the world every day.

I admit that even with my artistic eye, I too fall prey to this case of body insecurity. Rare is the day when I can look in the mirror and be in love with all my curves. But, I strive to create art of the female form that does just that.

The ladies I create (hand carving wood blocks that are then printed onto thin rice paper before being embedded between layers of wax) would never be seen in a typical fashion magazine. They have juicy thighs, strong legs and arms, curvy backsides, and soft stomachs. They are my chance to show the world that "real" women are beautiful and desirable...even if we don't always believe it ourselves. Maybe it's just a cheap form of therapy for myself, but I would rather draw a luscious curvy woman anyday and help celebrate all those real beautiful curves out there!

So, expect more from me in this new direction! I am loving it!


dearbill said...

Hey, Nice artwork! :)
Have a wonderful day, Mrs/Ms

rezkarcfitness said...

Nice prints!
You can check for etchings.

kevin21 said...

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Christine Kiehl said...

Hey! Im the fourth comment! That means more than three people have read your post out here in cyberspace! I like your blog! Thanks for sharing!

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